Q & A


Abstract painting, what’s that? And why did I choose it (or did it choose me)?

The literal meaning of the term “abstract”: vague, undefined and yet a precise figure of an object (object, landscape, interior), but is a collection of spots, lines, textures and colors that create an interesting "dialogue" (preferably ...), which often expresses a feeling and a state of mind of the artist.

Since I remember myself (long before I painted), I have always been drawn to the abstract, enigmatic, mysterious and challenging style that seeks deciphering, personal interpretation, emotional and less intellectual connection that does not end at the time when the object/figure is perceived (in the senses) and understood, lets you feel something.


Do I draw to order

Since I draw out of the strength of a one-time feeling that emerges in me, each painting is single and unique, reflecting my mood during creation, so I do not paint to order, and I am not interested in trying to reconstruct the passing moment. Before I was engaged in art, I studied graphics and had been working in it for more than 25 years. The moment, I discovered art, was a defining moment for me; I felt that I had found my little piece of God in which I express myself completely freely, with no external “noises”, customer requests or the attempt to please, that is, only me and the colors in front of the white cloth that seeks to absorb this self-expression of me at the same time. The artistic prints I produce allow me to change the size of the original painting and thus make it more flexible to fit into space, but beyond that, I continue to maintain the spontaneity and complete freedom in my work.


Why prints?

Some of my paintings are offered for purchase as artistic prints printed on quality canvas stretched on wood.

There are a number of reasons that led me to purchase prints for my paintings: the first aspiration of every artist is to gain great exposure and recognition. The prints allow me to reach more people, add color and creativity to the living space or work, and there is no greater joy for the artist.

The prints also allow flexibility in accordance with space, can be enlarged or reduced (while maintaining the proportions of the source), and significantly reduce the cost of painting (about a third of the original price).

And the last reason is that it is a bit hard for me to say goodbye to my paintings, because they carry a little bit of me in them ... The ability to produce a print from a painting that is sold makes it easier for me to part with it. 


Do I  produce a print from each of my paintings?

I do not produce prints from every painting. There are works that I feel will lose something of their strength in the transition to print, for example when the work is textured, or it makes extensive use of gold, bronze or shiny tulips that lose their brightness and intensity in the print.

In addition, the process of producing prints requires time and financial investment, so I choose a representative sample of works from each collection and decide to invest in the process of making them a print that will be high quality and will also enable buyers who love my paintings and cannot invest in original painting to buy that print from me.  Sometimes it happens that the painting was purchased before I could scan it and therefore it is impossible to produce prints from it.


How does the print production process take place?

Over the years I have produced my artistic prints in a very professional gallery that works with advanced equipment and high quality printing materials. The gallery performs a thorough and accurate scan of the original and issues test results for me. I scrutinize them carefully and punctuate the little colors and nuances until I am satisfied with the result and approve the print production. The prints are printed on a thick premium canvas with a high cotton percentage, and the final product is very high quality and looks very close to the original painting, and in the overseas shipments the canvas is well wrapped and rolled up to the address you provided in the order you have placed by a messenger service. 


What is my refund policy?

Since I believe in the quality of the product, if for some reason you regret the purchase and the print is not right for you, it is possible to return it in good condition and without a defect and get a credit from me. You must contact me and arrange the shipment within one week of receiving the print.