"Painting is a song, a joy bursting, a cry, a yearning, a longing, and a search.

Painting is an existential need for me, to express myself in colors and shapes where my words are meager and cannot contain ...

In a universal language that touches emotion, which is beyond rational explanations.

I paint mainly in an abstract manner, using a variety of tools and techniques.

My creative process is an unplanned journey to myself. It begins with a certain emotional point (usually with music playing in the background) and continues to appear in itself ... until I feel that the painting is complete and the journey is over.

When the painting is presented to the audience, I enjoy hearing the reactions and interpretations that sometimes surprise and excite me too. It makes me happy to know that my painting touched another person.

My inspirational sources are: landscapes impressed upon my consciousness, music in all its diversity, my emotional world and small moments of grace and excitement. "


My name is Orly Shalem and I am an artist. I am 55 years old, married and I have two daughters.

A graphic designer in the past, a graduate of Hadassah College and graduate with honors of the teacher training course at Beit Berl.

I have been painting for about two  decades, mostly abstract, I express the heart murmurs and subconscious in color, stain line and texture - the language of art.

My paintings are sometimes expressive, turbulent, full of color and movement, and sometimes subtle and lyrical tranquility - just like life itself ...

I usually paint in acrylic colors on canvas, as I feel that they respond to the immediate instincts that want to break out and sometimes I combine oil pastels, pencils and tulips.


Over the years, I have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country.

My paintings are exhibited in commercial galleries and purchased as sole original or as artistic prints by private customers, collectors and interior designers.  

Welcome to a journey of colors and emotions between my paintings, and feel free to leave traces ... always happy to discover :)